Custom decals

  • Company logos
  • Promotional incentives
  • Personalized model (driver's name, operator's name, retiree)
  • Customized model
  • Production run models
  • Holiday gifts
Bucyrus-Erie 22-B by EMD custom decaled

Please inquire what decals we do stock.  We have only a few of the decals we have listed on our web site so please inquire if there is a particular decal you need.  We have decals and artwork for most of the models produced under the EMD name, replacement decals for models produced by NZG, Conrad, Norscot, Diecast Masters, etc. and a large selection of various contractor companies.

Bucyrus 495 shovel decaled for Escondida mineJerrdan truck decaled with John Deere sales decals and tractorFirst Gear International propane truck decaled for NOCO energy
TWH Bucyrus 495HR shovel dressed up with Escondida mine logos and machine number for a mine for a mining shovel enthusiast.TWH Jerr-dan tilt bed truck with Athearn John Deere tractor with the John Deere logo on the truck done for a John Deere enthusiast.First Gear propane truck redone for "NOCO" which started out as Christmas gift for her husband.

*Sampling of custom models our clients have ordered - See more samples below

Looking to have a decal of your logo made?

We print any quantity from 1 to unlimited.

Decals are normally printed on water transfer film or if you prefer, they can be printed on self adhesive film.

The following is the information needed to create your decals:

  • Sizes of the finished decal - What works best is a sketch or drawing of the decal/logo with all relevant measurements (length, width, height) of the various parts if the logo is complex.  A photograph or copy of the original will help.
  • Colors of the finished decal - if you can provide either a color chip, photograph or the pantone value, it will be that much more accurate.
  • If you have text on your artwork, if you know the font used that is greatly helpful and will cut down design time.
  • Number of copies of each decal.

The cost of the decal depends on several things:

  1. How much time is required to reproduce the artwork in computer format.  The artwork may require reproducing object by object, scanning in a sample image or a combination of both.
  2. Quantity of decals desired.
  3. Colors needed.  (White, gold, silver or other metallic colors are more)

If you already have artwork in vector format (CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator) we can use those files to print your decals which can reduce artwork costs.

All artwork is saved and backed up if you need the same decals made again in the future.

How to apply water slide decals:

  1. Cut the decals out as close to the image as you can.
  2. Dip the decals into room temperature water until the backing loosens.  This may take a few seconds or a minute or more.
  3. Moisten the area of the model where you will apply the decal.  This allows the decal to "float" so you can position the decal.
  4. Slide the decal partly off the backing and place the decal on the model face up, then slide the backing out from under it while holding the decal in position.
  5. Using a brush or lint free cloth blot off the excess water and smooth the decal down to get any excess water or air bubbles underneath the decal out.
  6. Allow to dry
  7. Also suggest applying a clear coat after the decal has dried to help protect the decal from chips and scratches.
  8. You can also use MicroSol to help "snug" the decal down over ridges and valleys.

Email for more information and a price quote.

First Gear Mack Granite tractor custom decaledLeTourneau L-1850 decaled for CVRD mineP&H 4100 XPB with Fording mine decals
First Gear Mack Granite tractor custom decaled with a company name on the doorLetourneau L-1850 wheel loader by TWH with decals for CVRD mineP&H 4100 XPB shovel by TWH with custom Fording mine decals
Oshkosh airport crash truck Buffalo International AirportLamborghini by Motorart with sponsor decalsBudweiser delivery truck by New Ray

Oshkosh airport crash truck by Code 3 decaled up for Buffalo International Airport

Lamborghini by Motorart in 1:18 scale with sponsor decalsBudweiser beer delivery truck by New Ray